About Us

Our motivation is shaped by the motto ‘There is a Solution at Mokapto.’ Mokapto is a solution- oriented team with diverse characters, expertise, and backgrounds. We leverage these differences to deliver the most creative, efficient, and precise service. Our foremost priority is to bring envisioned ideas as close to reality as possible

Mokapto is a packaging R&D, packaging design agency that specializes in producing Real Mock-ups. We possess extensive knowledge of packaging, allowing us to offer solutions for every stage of the packaging process.

Comprised of experts with years of dedication to the packaging and advertising industry, Mokapto boasts a team of seasoned professionals.

As evidence of our packaging printing company’s vast experience and diverse skill set, we have the capability to replicate virtually anything in the packaging industry! From custom bags and folding cartons to shrink sleeves, labels, POS displays, and corrugated packaging, the possibilities for prototyping are endless.

We provide packaging printing services aimed at bringing your design concepts to life. Whether you need a single prototype for testing or wish to produce your packaging on a larger scale, our team is committed to assisting you with packaging comps and mock-ups!

We support our customers in the packaging industry by offering services such as packaging process management, outdoor/indoor advertising, sector-specific training, and networking opportunities. At Mokapto, we leverage our knowledge, experience, creativity, and patience to achieve what may seem impossible. With an innovative and progressive approach, we work with enthusiasm and pleasure.


The Solution is Mokapto

It enables faster completion of decision and approval stages, saving time during the product launch process

It ensures the rapid and timely execution of BTL and ATL projects and promotional processes

It accelerates the sales process with its Real Mock-up, prepared to be as close to reality as possible, especially few scale printing. It contributes to clarifying order quantities pre-mass production.

It enables precise checks on aspects like layout, dimensions, and content, which could present risks in the production process. It helps minimize the risks that may arise in mass production

We keep abreast of the packaging industry for informing and ensuring that we work with the latest developments. In order to evaluate innovations and developments, develop projects that benefit companies and brands, and make a difference in the market.

We provide consultancy to institutions and projects that provide social benefits under the MokaptoPro.
We focus on providing sustainable solutions in line with the ESG/SDG/ supply chain needs of the brand and product.
We continue to focus on minimizing our carbon footprint.