is Mokapto.

We accompany your brand and packaging design in bringing your ideas to life.


Our portfolio stands as a testament to the way we work.

It’s where stellar design, groundbreaking solutions, brand connections, empathetic marketing, and mind-bending experiences converge; all crafted to captivate audiences, fortify your product, and elevate your brand.

We will not give up knocking on your door with the first edition of our new products 🙂 Your efforts are significant in our fairs, and we are confident that if you are involved in any task we deem impossible, it will be accomplished. We thank our gratitude to Hülya and the entire team at Officine Dolce Vita for their efforts.

Bilge Karaatlı Export Operations Chief - Officine Dolce Vita

Dear Mokapto, You have always been with us in producing cardboard and flexible packaging samples, as well as visual artworks. Thank you very much for your precise and detailed work, and for delivering on time.

Roza Altın Packaging Development Director at Ülker- Part of Pladis Global

Collaborating with a team specialized in packaging and printing techniques, being able to trust and ensure the quality of the work to be produced is of great comfort for a professional. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the dear Mokapto family for providing us with this comfort and being a reliable solution partner we can rely on.

Sevinç Bilge Doğan Marketing Manager, Duru Gıda

We thank the Mokapto family for your detailed, prompt and high-quality solutions.

Merve Atlas Art Director, Uno