Packaging Design

"The packaging design process is as crucial as the development of a product. Packaging extends beyond merely protecting and storing your product.”

To design packaging effectively, first understand packaging itself. It is essential to know materials, printing techniques, types of packaging, and packaging shapes, as well as being well-versed in the industry, market, and trends.

Packaging has its balance and dynamics. The window of opportunity for a product to be noticed on the shelf is 2.6 seconds, and this blank of noticeability relies on the balance and dynamics in the design.

The material of your packaging is crucial!

The design of any product’s packaging serves as its main component and gives life to the product. Packaging design is the most influential element in an accomplished product launch.

Approximately 72% of customers admit that packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. Following the necessary steps and processes to achieve a perfect design plays an extremely important role in attaining the desired outcomes.

Mokapto cares about the values of your brand and products working to make your brand noticeable and reliable through the balance and dynamics it establishes in packaging design. Additionally, it guides in standardization and sustainability matters.