Pre-Printing Graphic Solutions

Team design of young Interior graphic designer working house project sketching on graphic tablet and

Graphic Design Adaptation

It is the phase where the artworks are finalized with all necessary arrangement’s pre-repro. Design size adaptation, content placement, language adaptation, diversification etc. according to obligations, regulations and measurement revisions are within design adaptation.

Repro: Creative Packaging Repro and Colour Management

Colour has always been essential at Mokapto, its design is where started, after all. Colour correction and consistency are paramount for reinforcing brand identity and consumer loyalty. Repro is the process of colour separating the artwork, which is finalized in the graphic phase and all approvals are completed, following the printing technique and making it ready for printing. Printing technique is critical in repro preparation.
Several printing techniques such as rotogravure, flexo, letterpress, and offset require different preparations and arrangements.

Woman Drawing Illustration on Tablet


Illustrations are generally made specifically for the product or brand. It is often confused with 3D modelling. What makes the illustration significant is that it introduces the product inside the package to the consumer, while making it more aesthetic, realistic and creating perceptional impact on the consumers.